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Are you interested in learning more about solar on your home? Do you pride yourself in being a DIY'er? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you have come to the right place.

Simply Solar Now was designed with you in mind. Our company offers solar "kits" which include solar panels, racking, microinverters and a few other components you will need to put solar on your home. Our solar kits are designed to make putting solar on your house easy and to make the process as uncomplicated as possible.

Solar panels have been around for many years. Over the years, they have become more efficient and the costs have been reduced. They have also become easier to install on the average home with the development of microinverters. In the past, a solar install would require a complicated inverter to invert the power from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC), the form of electricity we use in our homes. Inverters were large and took special skills to wire them.

The first microinverters started to appear on the market around 2008. Since then, the technology has continued to improve. Microinverters offer several advantages. Each microinverter acts independently. In a typically inverted system, shading on a few panels would affect the efficiency of your overall system. With microinverters, only the panels which are shaded and connected to a single inverter are affected. This may increase the overall power production of your system.

Microinverters make the system more or less "plug and play." The electricity is inverted from DC to AC on the roof at the microinverter. This makes a system very simple for a homeowner with DIY skills to install. Basically, you will need to be comfortable working on your roof and attaching the rack to your roof. The inverters come pre-installed. The next step is attaching the solar panels to the rack. After the panels are attached, it is a matter of combining the wiring and connecting to your home. We recommend you hire a licensed electrician to connect the solar system to your home. Let me say that again, we recommend you hire a licensed electrician to connect to solar system to your home.

The bottom line is a handy person can grab a buddy and have a solar electric system installed on your roof in a weekend. Check out our kit sizes. Our 305-Watt panels are among the most efficient on the market allowing you to produce more power in less space.

Our kits are shipped directly to your installation address which saves you time and money. Grab your electrician and Go Solar!!

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Simply Solar PV was formed to bring affordable grid tied solar electric (PV) to the average homeowner and support USA job growth. Our high quality systems use Made in the USA components giving you peace of mind that you are supporting American jobs.

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