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The number of residential and commercial electric ratepayers installing solar and taking advantage of net metering laws grew in 2016 twenty eight (28%) percent over 2015 according to the Michigan Public Service Commission’s (MPSC) annual report released in December 2017. The report says 2,582 ratepayers participated in net metering. Installed capacity was 21,888 kW.

While this represents less than 0.025% of Michigan’s total electricity sales, it shows people are starting to understand it makes sense to generate their own power and take advantage of net metering.

According to the Energy Information Agency in November 17, Michigan ranked #15 in the United States for highest electricity rates, an average of 15.24/kWh. By using that rate and annual sun hour data from Grand Rapids, Michigan, it can be estimated how many kilowatt hours can be generated annually by the net metered systems.

PV Watts estimates 21,888 kW would generate approximately 27,512,034 kWh annually in Michigan. What is that in terms of dollars? At 15.24/kWh, this represents $4,192,835. Over $4 million dollars annually which can be put into the economy rather than in the electric utility portfolio. Real dollars, real lives. This by less than a quarter of one percent of ratepayers. How would you like to have a share in those dollars?

Michigan electric rates have increased 83% since 2001. It is doubtful they will ever decrease. An investment in solar energy today is a hedge against inflation. No matter the size system you install, that amount of kilowatt hour production will not be subject to inflation in the future.

Do you have a roof that is baking in the sun all day? Why waste that energy? Isn’t it time you took advantage of the net metering laws and 30% federal tax credit which were set up to help your family or business become more energy independent and keep more of your hard earned dollars? If you agree, start by completing our Virtual Assessment today and we will design a system that fits your budget.



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